v i s i o n a r y    m a n d a l a   a r t i s t

The Rise of Atlantis

Christine has the psychic gift to see and record the sacred geometry that is recognised by each soul to assist any transformation or activation required, accelerating both personal growth and well being. The images that she creates from a strong connection to her own ‘I AM  essence have the ability to connect with others at a level that transcends their cellular memory and connects directly to their soul.

Her images are created by psychically sensing beyond the facade of human existence into the essence of the divine self, where all is known, both manifest and unmanifest.

Each image is channelled, then hand drawn and intricately hand painted and detailed. During this process universal energies are channelled through Christine's hands, as she works on each  layer giving the finished image a distinctive life of it's own with unique healing and activational properties.

The Mandala shown below and in the slideshow is titled ‘The Rise of Atlantis’ and even though Christine began channelling it in 2009, it is currently still a work in progress and unfinished. It is part of the comprehensive body of work entitled

‘A journey through time and Beyond’ and this original Mandala when fully completed, will be shown at Christine’s 2015 exhibition.

The creation of a Mandala

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