ZEN emphasizes the personal expression of experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment.  

As such, it de-emphasizes adherence to standardized theoretical knowledge in favor of direct self-realization through meditation and spiritual practice.

The Zen series of energy portals were channelled and created immediately after the Japanese Tsunami in March 2011.  

The energies these Mandala’s embody are expressed in the simplistic form that is aligned with the beauty of Zen wisdom

and they will assist the viewer to embrace some simple but powerfully fundamental truth’s that are essential for unity, balance, harmony and grace in one’s life.

The Zen Series

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Information is Knowledge...WISDOM comes from experience.

Practice and live this knowledge every day of your life.

When you can see no difference between the saint or the sinner

and have Compassion for all…then you have Wisdom.


Inner Peace







Rising Sun – A New Dawn

Inner Peace

Inner Peace brings FULFILLMENT.

Attain it and life flows and works for you.

Give it away and Happiness becomes elusive.


Success is not what you have achieved, but WHO you have become.

Leave only footprints, live and work with Integrity,

Love unconditionally, become Compassion…....

This is the Way to Success.


Prosperity is not what you attain for your self....

it is about what you give away.

It is only when you become EMPTY that you can be filled

with something greater.


You can search......and you will find your Destiny.

You can not search...... and your Destiny will find you.

That, which is Meant to be yours will surely come to you.


Divine Grace ensures you receive Blessings  for no reason.

When you practice random acts of Grace you give to others with no agenda,

offer kindness to those who are undeserving,

and Love those who no-one else loves.

As above so below.


Restore Harmony to your life……

Create Peace in all that you do.

Instead of resisting and swimming against the current….  

flow with it,  and HARMONY will be yours.


When all of your energies are ‘flowing’ in the same direction,

GREAT things will happen.

When you unify with others SUCCESS will be yours.

Focus on UNITY and all things will flourish.

Rising Sun – A New Dawn

Take action in the right way,

not according to others, but from the truth in your own HEART.  

When you do this you will know Victory…

the Sun will rise and a new Dawn will emerge.