The Mandala Series

During the past decade in alignment wth her Soul’s guidance, Christine has created some significant bodies of work which carry a collective ‘theme’ of energy.

Every Mandala is both an ongoing interactive energy portal as well as a ‘visual historic record’ of the changes we are all experiencing during this great Shift..... as such the transformational energy of every Mandala during it’s creation has also been a part of Christine’s own spiritual journey.

Christine is guided to paint as soon as the energy that is needed begins to enter her fact this becomes a necessity, for as the channel for this energy, she is compelled to express it once it is received.  The combined sacred geometry, symbols, and colours that are used are totally channelled through her I AM presence.  

Each Mandala can take weeks or in some cases even months or years to fully create. This is because to fully encapsulate the energy matrix that is needed, the Mandala must be multi-layered and channelled in alignment with various energy streams or levels of consciousness and information as it becomes available. The Sacred Geometry channelled within these Mandala’s creates an energy portal through which ‘the language of light’ can be transmitted indefinitely.

The timing of the creation process is determined by a number of factors: Christine’s higher Self, essential astrological influences (eg Universal, lunar and planetary cycles), humanities ability to integrate the messages into conscious awareness and most importantly in alignment with the timing of the Earth’s ascension process also.

To carry out this work this accurately, requires a high level of Integration and Trust with her own ‘I AM’ presence and ensures that all of Christine’s work is intuitively guided and created from a higher level of awareness, and not generated by the mind.

The creation of an Original Mandala

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