The Mandala’s in this series were created as a part of Christine’s first major solo exhibition in 2005.  

Each Mandala depicts an aspect of the Soul’s journey towards the remembrance of wholeness and one’s true nature

as a divine expression of ‘the oneness’.

The mandala images shown in this series only represent a part of this body of work, which actually originally consisted of 33 Mandalas in total.  

This is because many of the originals were sold either prior to or at the exhibition without being photographed.


The child within remembers.

Remembers who it really is and the energy source that gives it eternal life.

This Mandala will awaken the magical child within and assist you to embrace this reunion.  

Any blockages that have been held in place since childhood, especially in the heart area,

will be gently dismantled.

When you re-connect and embrace your inner child,  

all that you wish to create and manifest will become possible through joyful experience.

Eternal Connection

The energies and the sacred geometry channeled in this Mandala

when aligned with your conscious intention,

will assist you to attract a ‘soulmate’ relationship into your life.

We are all one… and yet we search for a ‘soul mate’ to share our journey with.  

Someone who truly ‘knows’ us and loves us just the way we are. Someone who remembers this truth and can walk by our side in Love, Grace and Harmony

….this is an eternal connection.


The energies and the sacred geometry in this Mandala will assist you to remember

that the real art of communication is to be able to LISTEN.

To be willing to hear what others have to say

then speak only about your truth without judgment of theirs.

Go beyond ‘the words’ and connect with the feelingsthat are being shown to you…

Communication then becomes a two way journey of self discovery!


The sacred geometry in this Mandala radiates the energy of  ‘compassion’

and will assist you to integrate this energy into your way of being.

True Compassion is the ability to feel empathy, to be able to understand the struggles and disappointments, hardships and inadequacies of others and open your heart to them.

Judge no-one, instead hold all of humanity in your heart

and know that everyone is doing the best they can in any moment.

The original of this Mandala was auctioned for ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’

and provided 20 wheelchairs for children in Vietnam.


The sacred geometry and the energies channeled in this Mandala

will assist you to find the truth in your own HEART

and be willing to speak this with love and humility.

It will gently align you to accept that this is your TRUTH

and that others will have their own truth,

which may be different to yours.


Forgiveness is not something you do for other people.

             You do it for your self, to let go energetically and move on.

           It doesn't mean that you deny the other person's responsibility for their actions,

but by hoosing to forgive them,

you can make way for compassion,

kindness and create inner peace.


The process of physical Alchemy is turning base metal into Gold.

The process of ‘Spiritual Alchemy is raising your vibrational frequency

to the point where you can transcend the cycle of re-incarnation,

the illusions of mortality, disease and imbalance, and begin to embrace your divine heritage

of mastering the elements of your own body, time and space.

Meditating regularly with this Mandala will assist you to access higher guidance and wisdom that will support your own personal Alchemic journey towards this goal.

Indigo Child

Freed from control’s illusion

A herald with a greater world vision

Carrying new life, transformation and insights

A bearer of Divine wisdom

Challenging the beliefs and systems

That no longer serve who we are

Embracing the fullest expression of their divinity

A refined form of Spirit

…the Indigo child


Embrace the vital energy of life

As internal ideas begin to germinate

Follow your joy to help them grow

Be present and offer clear intent

For your dreams, visions and hearts desires are the patterns

…That glitter on the fabric of creation


Leave behind constraints of the past

As a new consciousness emerges

A new frequency of potential will arise

With a willingness to go within,

Previous perceptions dissolve

And a shining new centre emerges

Evolution of Mankind

The energies and sacred geometry of this Mandala depict the original seed ideal for the souls journey as a ‘human’ on the earth plane. It also records the subsequent changes that have been made as light workers and incoming Indigo and Crystal children have laid down new blueprints to enable humanity as a whole, to expand their consciousness and increase their vibrational rate in readiness for planetary ascension.

The energies of this Mandala will stimulate your remembrance of the reason you chose to incarnate at this incredibly special time in the history of human evolution.

It will assist you to activate the transformational combination of the Christ Consciousness, Goddess and Buddhic energies required for the laying down of the new ‘Diamond Body’ prior to ascension. The Mandala will also activate the heart chakra inspiring unconditional love, compassion and a unified acceptance of all mankind.


Celebrate and rejoice!

Remember that you are a co-creator aspect of a greater Source

.......that is Divine Love.

Chalice Gateway

The Chalice Gateway depicts an Initiation,

that each soul must pass through

as the human counterpart remembers it’s connection to that part of the self,

that acknowledges it’s divinity.  

It is part of the feminine aspect of creation and receptivity,

and in spiritual essence....the holy grail.


The Sacred geometry  in this Mandala will activate ‘the third eye’ chakra.

This will allow for an expanded vision of one’s life

and it’s meaning from a higher perspective.

Any dormant gifts of Clairvoyance (sight), Clairentience (feeling),

Clairaudience (hearing) or Clairnosism (inner knowing)

will also be activated and new ways of experiencing and sensing the world

will become available.

The Placeholder

The Sacred geometry in this Mandala will assist with both physical grounding

and for some, a reconnection and alignment with the wisdom

of the Indigenous Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal elders are sacred energy placeholders for the Earth,

with their ancestral heritage originating in the Lemurian Age.

As with all indigenous cultures, their stories when ‘heard’,

and the innate wisdom they teach, hold a great gift for humanity.


When the night is Still can hear the Silence

When the mind is Still

listen to the silence


and let it guide you!

The Priestess

The sacred geometry and the energies in this mandala

will awaken the Priestess energy in those, who are a part of this feminine lineage.

In particular those who had an active involvement in the Egyptian mystery schools,

the Essenes and Avalon.

This ancient lineage of the sacred feminine has incarnated many times

both during and since the Atlantean era.

....and they are again here in service to humanity and the planet in many walks of life.


Eternal Connection

Eternal Connection

Eternal Connection




Indigo Child



Evolution of Mankind


Chalice Gateway


The Placeholder


The Priestess

The Abyss




The Abyss

The sacred geometry channelled in this Mandala

will assist the viewer to journey within to the inner void.

This process is essential each time a point of total ‘surrender’ is needed

in order to let go of the old and move forward in a new way.

The ‘Abyss’ energy is a gateway between world’s and realities,

and one must pass through this gateway many times, if the journey is to continue.

Yin and Yang

Yang is Masculine and aligned with the planet Mars.

Regardless of whether we are male or female in any incarnation,we each embody both feminine and masculine energies.

Maintaining the balance of these energies is essential for higher levels of learning and growth.

Each of these two Mandalas will assist in balancing these energies.

If you are drawn to the Yin Mandala,

it is your feminine that is asking to be brought into balance now.

Yin qualities are :nurturance of self others, intuition, vision, receptivity, creative concepts,  patience,  resilience and grace.

If you are drawn to the Yang Mandala,

then your masculine energy is asking to be brought into balance.

Yang qualities are:

strength, responsibility, action, leadership, discernment, loyalty and the ability to implement the vision..


Tao represents the wisdom that comes from experience.

Follow it

Meditate on it

Become it

Then forget it

...Only then can you LIVE it

Averyl's Labyrinth

This simple Mandala was created in 2006as a ‘record’ for the energies of a crystal labyrinth

that Christine, and 4 others guided by Ascended Master Lady Averill,

created on a piece of sacred land 25km’s from Perth in Western Australia.

It showed that a vortex of energy had been anchored and grounded, that would allow the diamond energy needed closer to 2012 by humanity to flow into the planet.

This was first anchored in Perth.

The Diamond energy has now been activated globally and is also held by many of the ‘new children’ being born world wide. Ascended Master Lady Averill’s etheric retreat is situated over Perth, Western Australia.

Averyl's Labyrinth

Healing - Balance - Power

These 3 Mandalas symbolise the process of restoring internal balance

in order to connect with the power held within.

Focusing on the sacred geometry in these Mandala’s

will also assist in the activation of ancient seed memories still held at the DNA level

of past lives in previous greater ages of humanities evolutionary process

especially during the Lemurian age.





The sacred geometry and the energies held in this Mandala

will activate seed memories in those who have a soul purpose

that is strongly connected to an energetic relationship with physical aspects of the earth.

It will especially benefit those,

who are actively working with the ley lines and energy points of the planet

and those guided to travel to various sites to both upload and download new energies.


A Soul's Journey