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Work In Progress

The following images are simple studio photographs taken of current works also are aligned with this energy ‘theme’ that are still in various stages of completion.  This body of work as with many others can only be channelled as the energies in alignment with divine timing decree it.  As all is one, and all is happening in one divine moment  of NOW Christine often works on many Mandala’s at once, moving between each of them as the channelled energy becomes available.  This is one of the reasons why some Mandala’s take months to fully complete and why a full body of work for exhibition can take 2 years or sometimes longer to create.

Gateway 2012

Inter Galactic Communication

The Pleadiean Legacy

Infinite Wealth

A Mothers Love



Gateway 2012

This Mandala holds the energetic codes for the transition through 2012 and beyond

into the new Golden age.

It holds both Mayan and Galactic codes, messages and frequencies

and depicts the coming together of the prophecies

and the collapsing of time as we have known it.

Intergalactic Communication

The Scared geometry and the coded messages in this  Mandala

will activate Soul memory of our connections with our Galactic brothers and sisters. 

For those who are ready, it will also activate telepathic codes in the DNA,

that will assist clearer and more accurate communication

with your starseed guides and connections.

There are many intergalactic beings who are waiting for those,

who remember to work consciously and actively with them

to aid the peaceful passage of both humanities and the earth’s ascension.

Pleadian Legacy

This Mandala holds sacred geometry and galactic codes ,

that tell the story of the Pleadian involvement in the process of human evolution. 

The Pleadians are one of 5 star nations that first seeded the human experience

and were instrumental in the creation of experiencing separation

through the shadow/light process.

As such they are intrinsically connected to the evolutionary process of humankind. 

As we evolve so too do they , a

nd as we embrace our connection to them as part of our galactic family

the journey to unification becomes clearer.

Infinite Wealth

This Sacred geometry symbols and codes in this Mandala

will reactivate dormant cellular memories of the infinite

and unlimited nature of creative physical manifestation.

There are no limits to what we can create and manifest.....

the only limitation resides in the mind

and the inability to imagine desired outcomes.



This Mandala is still very much a work in process,

as this image depicts only the first layer of channelled energy so far.

Throughout the creative process, guided information becomes available to Christine

as she channels and works on each Mandala.

All that is known so far is that this energy comes from a star system on the outer reaches of the Universe with messages and encodements

for the future which are yet to be revealed.

Goddess Stargate

This Mandala was channelled just prior to the influx of Goddess (Isis) energies,

that began to make their presence felt towards the end of 2010.

The Sacred geometry in this Mandala will activate the ability of the heart chakra

to hold higher levels of love and light. 

It will assist the viewer to re-connect more holistically

with the divine goddess within. 

Embodying this energy and living it fully facilitates  greater ease and grace,

a smoother flow in one’s life and more rapid manifestations.

This Mandala is a higher frequency of The Sacred feminine.

Goddess Stargate

A Mother's Love

This Painting is one of a kind - with each of the four components of ‘agreement’

painted individually.

The energy matrix channelled and ‘seen’ by Christine was too

complex to depict as a multilayered Mandala as much of the energy detail

would have been lost to visual sight.....  so the energy layers have been ‘fused together and depicted individually.

This Mandala is an energetic representation of ‘The Agreement’  we make with

our Earth Mother Gaia before an incarnation.

The first mandala (at the top) symbolises Source.....where we are ‘as one’

The second Mandala represents the agreement we make with Gaia to provide us with the material body we need and all that will sustain us during our earthly journey.

The third Mandala symbolises the ‘gestation' period, or the ‘transition’ from spirit into physical form.

The fourth Mandala (at the bottom) represents the energy matrix of the

incarnated human in physical manifestation.

This same energetic process is also undertaken at the human level

between a human Mother to be and the incoming Soul prior to conception.

Energetic Agreements are made at the higher soul level.

This mandala is a ‘loving reminder’ from Spirit to keep in mind,

that we choose our Mother and our biological families with conscious intent for our highest experience and soul growth before incarnating!

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