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A Journey Through Time and Beyond

This body of work is currently a ‘work in progress’.  The first 7 Mandala’s shown are images of originals that have already been completed during 2011 and the energies anchored in physicality in accordance with divine timing and guidance.  Other Mandala’s shown are still unfinished and they will be completed in accordance with divine timing during the next 12 months.  Christine is also currently working on a number of additional mandala’s not shown here, that will complete the energy theme of this series.  They  are also in various stages of completion and will be added to this page over time.  Some of the original Mandala’s in this series are very large and painted on canvas, so unfortunately when reduced to such small low resolution web images, some of the smaller intricate detail is lost, however the energy matrix that they hold will still be felt by the viewer.

The full body of original work will not be ready for exhibition and print release until sometime in 2015.

Divine Connection - Twin Souls

Godess Gaia

Joy - A child is Born

Universal Heart

Universal Truth

I am Indigo

The Alchemist

Divine Connection - Twin Souls  

This Mandala is a re-worked and expanded energy of the original

'Eternal connection Mandala' created by Christine in 2006.

Due to the increased vibrational frequencies on the planet, the energy potential

now exists for more ‘twin soul’s' to re-unite on the earth plane than ever before in human history.  Twin soul’s usually incarnate in physicality together when there are important missions to undertake. The combined energy of the unified whole is necessary in order to implement and carry out an expanded vision that will benefit humanity in some lasting way.

The combined light matrix that twin souls hold together is also a powerful

force of Love, and this level of union is needed now in higher numbers.

It is pivotal to the divine plan that more of these Divine connections now take place.!

Godess Gaia

This Mandala is a re-channelled and upgraded energy

of the ‘Earth Connection’ Mandala originally created as part of the galactic series.

It shows the scope of ‘Gaia’’s transformation. 

Our beautiful Mother Earth now holds the frequency of a ‘Divine star’ energetically,

and her vibrational field has undergone a massive transformation

during the past 5 years. 

This Mandala was channelled after the Goddess stargate portal opened in 2010 releasing a huge influx of the divine feminine and Isis energy onto the earthplane.!

Joy - A Child is Born

This mandala depicts the rebirth and renewal of Gaia’s inner child, as well as the birthing of the ripe future potentials for the ‘New Spiritualised Earth’ and humanity. 

This Mandala also heralds and celebrates the incoming souls, that are

now being born through divine unions between twin souls and soul mate unions....

the energy of these sacred unions creates the opportunity for incoming souls

carrying very high vibrational frequencies of Love, to incarnate into physicality.

It’s channelling and creation was also synchronised to take place

during a time frame that occurred just before, and for some weeks after Christine’s first grandson was born in February 2011....a hugely joyful and divine event!

Universal Heart

This Mandala holds sacred geometry and universal codes

that will activate and align unity consciousness in the spiritual heart centre. 

It reminds us that we are all one heartbeat from the same core essence

that comes from Source.

This also prepares humanity for a heart based re-union with other sentient beings throughout the Universe(s) reconnected in oneness and devoid of separation.!

Universal Truth


An open Heart and Mind

Only after you become it

Then forget it

Will you live it


This mandala holds the sacred geometry and universal codes

that will activate the core remembrance of the overall Divine plan for creation.

The purpose and the truth behind the journey into separation and the return to unification and oneness.  The truth that we are all individual aspects of divinity...coming from the one Source.....more powerful than we are led to believe....and divine Creator’s of our own reality and experiences.

This truth is known by each soul at a higher level and is available

to all those who are ready to remember and live it.!

I am Indigo

This Mandala is a re-channelled and upgraded energy of the ‘Indigo Child’ mandala originally created for the first series ‘The Soul's journey’.

This is because the majority of the Indigo children born between the late seventies and through into the nineties are now young adults and are making their dynamic presence and creative gifts for leadership and change, manifest in the world in all walks of life.

‘I AM’ Indigo depicts the magnificence of this recognition and celebration that I know that I Am different and here for a purpose and a reason.

The sacred geometry in this Mandala holds the codes for self empowered Leadership, and new ways of doing and BEing.  This is a true form of leadership where one is a living inspiration and role model for others to follow.

For anyone who wishes to aspire to this, or for those who carry the Indigo energy in their auric field, this Mandala will assist you to recognize, activate and integrate these qualities so that you can embrace them in your daily life.

The Alchemist

This Mandala is a re-channelled and expanded energy of the ‘Alchemy’ mandala originally created for the first series ‘The journey’.

In the 6 years since Alchemy was created many people have raised their vibrational frequency to a level where they have now truly become ‘The Alchemist’.

The Sacred geometry in this Mandala will support the ongoing evolutionary process

of anyone working at a high level of vibrational frequency

especially those of you who have embraced their divine heritage

of mastering the elements of your own body, time and space.

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