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Commissioned Work

Frances T.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Karola G.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Irma R.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Myrna P.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Vincent R.

Amstelveen , the Netherlands


Jakarta, Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia

Gemma S.

Perth Western Australia

The following images are examples of some of the Personal commissioned Mandalas recently created by Christine.

An original personal Mandala once completed and framed is approximately 70-90cms square in size so please be aware that some of the intricate detail will be lost in a small image of this size.  Each mandala is totally unique,  as is the Soul it is channelled for.  During the channelling process, insights, messages and any relevant past life information is also downloaded for the recipient and energetically encapsulated in the artwork..  This information is also shared with the person commissioning the work at the completion of the creative process in both written and oral form.  If you are unable to attend a personal handover in Bali with Christine then a personal skype call is scheduled for overseas clients once the Mandala has been received.

>> CLICK here for a detailed overview of the 'The Commissioned'  Mandala's

The Gallery