Christine has the psychic gift to see and record the sacred geometry that is recognized by each soul to support any transformation or activation required, accelerating both personal growth and wellbeing. The channeled images that she creates from a direct connection to her own 'I AM' essence have the ability to connect with the viewer at a level that instantly resonates with their soul.

Her images are created by psychically sensing beyond the realms of human existence into the essence of the divine self, where all is known, both manifested and unmanifested.

Christine's artwork is not computer generated or technically created. The Mandala's you will see on this site are all photographs taken of Original work.  Each Mandala is a replica image of a unique original painted work of Art.

Every Mandala is channeled by Christine, firstly as an energy matrix, which is then hand drawn and intricately hand painted and detailed. During the painting process Universal energies are also channeled through Christine's hands. As she works on each piece this gives each energy matrix a distinctive life of it's own with unique transformational and activational properties.

Each of Christine's original mandala's are created using a combination of metallic inks, acrylic paints, combinations of Swarovski and semi-precious crystals, sacred symbols, numerology, colour frequencies and various artifacts to enhance the Transformational Energetic properties of each original Mandala.

Transformational Energetics can be simply explained as 'energy that is recognized and received at a higher soul level which initiates changes to transform ones vibration on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.'

One aspect of Christine's 'soul purpose' is to channel and record energetic sacred geometric portals, that are often grouped collectively in a 'themed series', as part of her Universal service work this lifetime. As well as assisting the upliftment and activation of humanity at this pivotal time in Mother Earth's evolutionary history, these Mandalas when created in physicality by a human hand, also assist the 'grounding' of these energies into the Earth, and also into the Collective consciousness.

She has channeled Mandala's for 4 major energy themes during the past 10 years....'The Souls Journey '.....'The Galactic Experience'.......'The Ascended Masters & the Archangels'(not yet exhibited and still in creative progress).....and The Ascension well as many other individual energy pieces, representing various galactic gateways, energy portals and dimensional shifts as they have occurred, that have been a part of the ascension transition so far.

She is currently working on a comprehensive fifth themed series....'A Journey through time & Beyond' (exhibition in 2015 TBA) which will energetically and visually depict the history and legacy of the human journey and evolution, from the Lemurian age to beyond 2012 and into the New Golden era.

Christine is an accomplished Reiki Master, Numerologist, Colour Therapist and a Mentor and Teacher of the Esoteric sciences.  She is also a dedicated philanthropist whose focus is on the support, nourishment and spiritual development of children throughout the world.

She has represented and raised funds and awareness for various children's charities during the past 30 years and is currently

Chairperson of WINS Australia, a global non-profit foundation supporting the education and well being of under privileged children

throughout Indonesia. Her husband and twin soul partner Gill Rijnenberg, is the global founder of The WINS Foundation.

Together they travel frequently between The Netherlands, Australia and Indonesia to support and implement this vision.

Proceeds from Christine's artwork are used to support this non-profit foundation work, and all exhibitions are held as fundraising events to assist the promotion of WINS, and create greater awareness of this global humanitarian work.