If you have been guided to this portal today, then you are an integral part of the 'New Renaissance' energy, which is assisting Humanity and the planet as we move into the new Golden Age.

Along with many other Star Seeds and Lightworkers on our beloved Gaia, I have a Soul vision and a dream:

I envision all sentient beings living in a peaceful World, where humans everywhere have let go of their old, limiting control and fear based thinking patterns, and have realized how beneficial it is for us to think no harm.

As this takes place, we will see a united spiritual awakening in every race, culture, and country across our entire planet, which in turn will affect and benefit all of creation. So that in time we will be living as a global 'human family' within the Greater Universe of creation, in complete peace, unity, creativity, abundance and serenity because no one is thinking harmful or controlling thoughts about anyone else.

By knowing that our thoughts are very powerful and creative, and that whatever we focus our attention on is what we create and become, we can, by using conscious choice, integrate that awareness and wisdom into our daily lives and habits. This will change not only ourselves but also ultimately the course of the human experience on our beloved Mother Earth.

On this website you will see many Mandala's, all of which tell a story in the language of Sacred Geometry which is a Universal language. Even if you do not consciously understand or recognize the geometry or the symbols when you look at a Mandala, your Higher Self will, and the information will be downloaded into your DNA.

If you are drawn to certain Mandala's then they definitely hold a message for you!

All of the Mandala's are photographed images of my original artwork which have been channeled and then hand-drawn and hand-painted...no computer technology has been used...no two are ever the same and the energies they hold are unique as they also encompass my own spiritual journey and 'I AM' wisdom.

The Self Empowerment Series of mandalas created in 2008 will activate inner transformation and integration of the Higher Self...especially if used and followed in sequence. They will also assist the journeyer to embrace a new beginning and experience the fullest outcomes of their inner dreams and goals, in whatever way is appropriate for the viewer at the time.

In the gallery section you will find a number of different Mandala series which will assist and benefit everyone from the casual 'seeker', to the advanced metaphysian and spiritual journeyer.

For those of you who would like to work in a more intentional and focused way with the energies many of the Mandala's on this website are available as prints in a variety of mediums...please visit www.mandalafusion.com to purchase or for more information.

In the meantime, enjoy the energies...they are a gift of Soul Love from me to you...as you browse through these pages, I look forward to sharing this journey 'in spirit' with you!

Wishing you abundant blessings, and unlimited Joy!